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Claim Your Business Stimulus Check

We Help Maximize Your Stimulus Check and Underwrite The Entire Process

Maximum Funding

We evaluate your claim in every way possible to ensure we maximize your credit.

Professional Support

Although our process is quick and painless, when you have questions we have answers with a dedicated team of ERC support specialists

Lightning Fast Results

Our streamlined processes allow for faster results, which means faster funding.

We are driven by Results.

While the general qualifications for the ERC program seem simple, the interpretation of each qualification is very complex. Our significant experience allows us to ensure we maximize any qualifications that may be available to your company.

“I own a retail shop in the local mall. Because the mall was required to close, my clients were not able to come in. I was able to fulfill online orders and set up shop outside the mall, however I struggled to keep employees on payroll. PPP helped, but wasn’t enough. Receiving ERC funds was life changing for me.”

Michelle – Salt Lake City, UT

“I’m in the construction industry. We employ over 150 people. Fortunately, we were able to pivot and adjust to not have many layoffs, but numerous supply chain issues made this difficult. Not being able to get concrete, and other materials forced us to delay jobs and lose jobs due to long turn times. Being able to re-coop a portion of the wages paid during the pandemic has been such a blessing. Grateful for
the ERC team!”

John Browning – Dallas, TX

“My restaurant was forced to only do take out and drive thru. Complying with the mandates, also not being able to get supplies almost put me out of business. The ERC credit couldn’t have come at a better time.
I only wish I would’ve filed a year ago!”

Sean Fisher – San Diego, CA

Let’s work together to get your maximum credit

We are a specialty payroll company exclusively dedicated to understanding and maximizing the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for small businesses affected negatively by COVID 19.